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Die Kakerlakenbande − In der Mauer auf der Lauer

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ISBN 978-3-7336-5049-0
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Cockroach Karate almost bursts from excitement: On Friday it is the human girl’s birthday. Then, the human lady will bake a chocolate cake. And a chocolate cake, Karate knows very well, is the best thing in the world …
The terrible humans, however, never want to share anything with Karate and his loyal friends, the lively flea Jumpleg and the dreamy head louse Liane. What are they supposed to do? Karate would not be Karate if he didn’t let his companions in on an ingenious plan. Let us tell you only this: a model train, a not yet existing tunnel in the wall and three simple-minded gold fish are supposed to play decisive roles … The second case for the cockroach gang, the A-Team among insects!

About Christian Tielmann

Christian Tielmann was born in Wuppertal in 1971 and studied Philosophy and German. He lives in Detmold with his family and has been writing books for children for several publishing houses since 1999.

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Christian Tielmann
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Die Kakerlakenbande − In der Mauer auf der Lauer
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