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464 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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ISBN 978-3-8105-3071-4


Three sisters, Johanna, Heike and Britta, haven’t seen each other for ages. They are too different and live too far apart. The awkwardness is also somehow too great. But they meet up again in their parents’ house on the Bahndamm, amidst the wide fields of the Lower Rhine. This is where it all began: The issue with their parents Christa and Hans, bound together by the turmoil of war. The lives of the sisters themselves that couldn’t be more different. And the issue with Hermine. So much happened in this house, and so much was hushed up. Up till now.

About Christiane Wünsche

As a child, Christiane Wünsche thought up stories for her sisters, and the idea for this novel arose from her close family ties and her great interest in the area where she grew up. She was born in Lengerich in Westphalia in 1966, but shortly afterwards, her family moved to Kaarst on the Lower Rhine, where she was raised as the eldest of three daughters. At the age of 20, Christiane went off to the city to study, but she remained closely connected to her hometown. In 1991, she moved back to Kaarst, where she lives and works today. She has a grown-up daughter for whom family is just as important as it is for her.  

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Christiane Wünsche
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