Iris Berben + Christoph Amend

Ein Jahr – ein Leben

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The actress Iris Berben was born in Detmold in 1950, and grew up in Hamburg. She made her cinematic debut at the age of 18, in Rudolf Thome’s “Detectives”. In 1969 she appeared in Klaus Lemke's "Fire Starters", and from 1984 in the legendary comedy series "Sketchup". She is the detective "Rosa Roth", she was "The Lady Patriarch", and she played the commissar’s wife Frau Buddenbrook in the film of the novel “Buddenbrooks”. In “Krupp: A German Family” she played the role of Bertha Krupp. Iris Berben is one of the defining actors of German TV and film, and has won many prizes including the Adolf Grimme Prize and the Bavarian Television Award for Lifetime Achievement. In 2010, she was elected president of the German Film Academy. In the past year, “Years of Love”, the third part of a trilogy made with the director MattiGeschonneck, has been aired on television to great acclaim. The film has been awarded the 2012 Golden Camera and Adolf Grimme Prizes.
Berben’s political engagement began at an early age. In 1967, she travelled to Israel for the first time, and she continues to take an active interest in the country's history. In 2002 she received the Leo Baeck Prize from the Central Council of Jews in Germany, for her dedication to fighting far-right extremism and anti-Semitism – including her numerous public appearances and readings. In 2004 she made the documentary film “What now, Israel?"
Iris Berben spent many years in Munich, and now lives in Berlin.

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Ein Jahr – ein Leben
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