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Zimt und ewig

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ISBN 978-3-7373-4049-6
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Vicky is up on cloud nine: She is finally turning fifteen, summer break is here and she is deeply in love with Konstantin. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough time to enjoy her happiness because, just in time for her birthday, she again and unexpectedly stumbles into a new version of her parallel life. And this time her parallel self has a very clear plan: Just like Vicky, she wants to be able to jump into different parallel worlds. Vicky definitely has to prevent that – after all, it’s the world’s balance that’s on the line! A race against time begins, but not only in the parallel world. Suddenly, Konstantin’s ex-girlfriend shows up and she is definitely up to something …

The enchanting Vicky has won over the hearts of thousands of readers. In the third volume of the Cinnamon trilogy, Dagmar Bach brings all the narrative threads from the earlier volumes together in a brilliant and surprising finale. The mystery of the jumps between worlds is explained and there is at least one Happy Ending – for ever after!

About Dagmar Bach

Dagmar Bach, born in 1978, has always been convinced that there is more than one universe. Sometimes things happen to her that are so strange that they must have been caused by one of her parallel selves. In one of those worlds she used to be an interior architect who could not keep from writing bits and pieces of stories on almost everything she could get hold of. Today, she is happy to have found her home in the universe of writing and to be able to focus on her passion of telling stories alone. Dagmar Bach lives in Munich with her family. “Cinnamon Leaps” was her first novel; it has taken the German book market by storm.

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Dagmar Bach
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