Dagmar Chidolue

Das mit mir und Romeo

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ISBN 978-3-10-401751-8
10 years up


First love is gentle and indescribably beautiful and simply happens. Dagmar Chidolue masterfully succeeds in catching this feeling in her novel “This Thing With Me And Romeo”. Julia, the main character and first person narrator, moves with her mother and little sister from the country to the city into the house of the tyrannical grandfather. In her new class everybody makes fun of her first name as there is already a student called Romeo. At first Julia does not even glance at him, but then she finds out about his sweet smile and the soft look in his eyes …
The readers get very close to Chidolue’s characters, they feel, tremble and yearn with them – until the first kiss.
The enchanting story of a first love for pre-teens – magnificently told by Dagmar Chidolue.

About Dagmar Chidolue

Dagmar Chidolue, born in 1944 in Sensburg/East Prussia, ranks amongst the most famous authors of books for children and young adults and has received several prizes amongst others the German Youth literature prize (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis). She lives in Frankfurt am Main.

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Das mit mir und Romeo
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