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Millie in Brasilien

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ISBN 978-3-7336-0291-8
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Children have been travelling around the world with Millie for 25 years. Distant countries, strange customs, funny people – going on a discovery tour with Millie is always a great experience. And a journey to Brazil is of course particularly exciting! Crocodiles, parrots and jungle monkeys within reach – that’s exactly how Millie pictured it to be! She feeds pink dolphins that swim in the Amazon and even spends the night in a hammock in the middle of the jungle. What an adventure!

About Dagmar Chidolue

Dagmar Chidolue, born in 1944 in Sensburg/East Prussia, ranks amongst the most famous authors of books for children and young adults and has received several prizes amongst others the German Youth literature prize (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis). She lives in Frankfurt am Main.

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Millie in Brasilien
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