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Millie und das Überraschungsbaby

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FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendbuch E-Books
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ISBN 978-3-7336-5166-4
6 years up


Mum is having a baby! Millie is not really sure yet if she is okay with that. After all, she already has a little sister, Trudel, and Trudel is quite exhausting sometimes. Nevertheless, Millie and her friends think about what would be better … a little brother or another little sister? Mum and Dad do not want to know – they want to be surprised. But Millie is almost bursting with curiosity! Dad definitely wants to be there during the birth – and who is supposed to look after Millie and Trudel in the meantime?
Affectionately, authentically and with a great sense of humour, Dagmar Chidolue writes about the emotions and thoughts of children who will have to share their parents with another sibling.

About Dagmar Chidolue

Dagmar Chidolue, born in 1944 in Sensburg/East Prussia, ranks amongst the most famous authors of books for children and young adults and has received several prizes amongst others the German Youth literature prize (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis). She lives in Frankfurt am Main.

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Millie und das Überraschungsbaby
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