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ISBN 978-3-10-002439-8


A marvellously told story of this particular moment, when after the horrors of war, everything seemed possible.

November 1918. The Great War has reduced the old world to rubble; rarely was the fate of humans so open. New possibilities and dreams shine brightly, the struggle for the future begins.

Cossack Marina Yurlova opposes the revolution in Siberia, Käthe Kollwitz turns her pain into art, Rudolf Höß marches with the Freikorps, Virginia Woolf revolutionises the novel, Walter Gropius wants to change society through architecture and in Paris, the publisher Louise Weiss passionately promotes a united Europe.

Daniel Schönpflug virtuously portrays this unique moment and the years that followed from the perspective of those people who discovered, shaped and experienced them. A brilliantly written landscape covering a very special era that shifts between enthusiasm and disappointment, between euphoria and destruction.

About Daniel Schönpflug

Daniel Schönpflug, born in 1969, is Professor of History at the Free University in Berlin and Academic Coordinator at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. His specialism is 18th to 20th-century European History. Alongside his work as an academic, Daniel Schönpflug has successfully established himself as a facilitator of historical knowledge to the public. His highly praised biography Luise von Preußen – Königin der Herzen was on the bestseller list for several weeks. He is involved with several international television co-productions as author and co-author and in this way has advanced the genre documentary drama for historical conveyance.

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Daniel Schönpflug
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