Deniz Selek

Kismet – Oliven bei Vollmond

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288 Pages,
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FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendtaschenbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-596-81072-7
12 years up


Jannah, the Turkish.German girl is secretly in love. His name is Ken, he is of mixed race, attends the class above Jannah’s and does not even know she exists. Jannah’s mother is also in love and decides to move in with her new boyfriend. Unfortunately, this friend turns out to be Ken’s father! Is Jannah now to share a bathroom with the boy of her dreams, not to mention his silly sister Merrie?! And can one actually have a crush on somebody one sees every day, and whose dirty socks are lying around everywhere? All of a sudden, Jannah’s life has turned into an emotional roller-coaster…

With a twinkle in the eyes, and lots of wit and humour, Deniz Selek tells of the life and love of her protagonist in a multi-cultural patchwork-family.

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Deniz Selek
Foto: Evelin Schwab
Kismet – Oliven bei Vollmond

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