Dennis Ehrhardt + Sebastian Breidbach

Sinclair - Dead Zone

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464 Pages, Klappenbroschur
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ISBN 978-3-596-29994-2


The rebirth of a cult figure

London, December 2017: The Baltimore explodes on a remote dock. One victim on board: Detective Inspector John Sinclair, who at the time of the accident is investigating a serial killer case. Sinclair’s death throws up questions: Was the killer also on board? What did Sinclair discover on The Baltimore? Sinclair’s partner Detective Sergeant Gan Zuko takes up the investigation, together with Sinclair’s replacement Sha o Sadako. Inconsistencies mount up, and the boundaries to reality become blurred. All the more so when the two of them realise that John Sinclair is still alive …

Sinclair – Dead Zone tells the development history of the ghost hunter – completely new and right from the beginning. Sinclair was never more contemporary, scarier or darker.

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Dennis Ehrhardt is publisher, radio play creator and author. He wrote the crime series Sonderberg & Co. and produced the radio drama series Dorian Hunter and The Elves for Universal Music.

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Dennis Ehrhardt
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Sinclair - Dead Zone
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