Bernd Frenz

Der Groll der Zwerge

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ISBN 978-3-596-03617-2


Fun and fast-paced fantasy with sturdy dwarves, hard-working trolls, and lofty elves

In The Dwarves’ Grudge, Bernd Frenz initiates a rich new Fantasy epic in the tradition of Tolkien: dwarves, orcs, trolls, elves, and men battling for supremacy. After the Great War, peace has reigned for thirty years in the land of Garon – until the stonecutters in the dwarfen necropolis of Rockthorpcarve new crypts out of the rock, causing the elves’ holy river to run dry and thus rekindling old quarrels. With tensions already high, the orc Grimm returns from his exile to settle an old score, and the ever-lasting deceitfulness of men further stokes the fires of discord. The resulting wars pit elves against dwarves, trolls against orcs, and everyone against men …

About Bernd Frenz

Bernd Frenz, born in 1964, has been writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels for more than twenty years. He was one of the main authors of the apocalyptic series Maddrax, has contributed to the Perry Rhodan universe, and has written several game novels including an S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl trilogy. As a comic writer he works for franchises like Dragons, Power Rangers and Angelo Rules, but also has published own stories in the legendary US SF- and Fantasy comic magazine Heavy Metal. The Blood Orcs trilogy established him firmly in the realm of German-language Fantasy.

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Der Groll der Zwerge
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