Dietmar Dath

Der Schnitt durch die Sonne

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ISBN 978-3-10-397306-8


No one can solve the problems caused by life on their own, as these problems concern us all.

Politics is everywhere. Six people are called together to travel to the Sun: a student, a cook, a financial advisor, a mathematician, a guitarist and a pianist. They learn that there is a civilisation on the Sun that is completely different to what is known to humans. In new bodies, they are supposed to tackle three large tasks and in doing so, they get caught in the crossfire of a massive conflict. Cut Through The Sun stands in the tradition of H.G. Wells, Stanisław Lem and Arno Schmidt. An adventurous, philosophical and political novel that poses the most pressing questions of our time.

About Dietmar Dath

Dietmar Dath, born in 1970, is a writer, translator, musician and publisher. He currently works as a film critic for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. His novel The Abolition of the Species just missed receiving the German Book Prize in 2008 by a whisker, but went on to receive the Kurd Laßwitz Prize, as did his 2013 novel Pulsar Nights. In 2015, FISCHER Tor published a new version of his novel Venus Conquered.

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Dietmar Dath
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Der Schnitt durch die Sonne
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