Reiner Stach

Die Kafka-Biographie in drei Bänden

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The highly praised three-volume Kafka biography by Reiner Stach is now finally available in its entirety in a decorative slipcase. With his opus magnum, Reiner Stach is setting new standards in the biographic genre and complementing the work with an additional volume: Kafka from Day to Day. Here he presents events that took place on each day of Kafka’s life, and shows what happened in his direct surroundings and also on a world political level. The result of decades of work and analysis of an almost infinite wealth of material – a real treasure.
The biography also made a big impression abroad: It was on the bestseller list in Spain, it got fantastic reviews in the US and is nominated for the Plutarch Award.

About Reiner Stach

Reiner Stach, born 1951 in Rochlitz (Saxony), studied philosophy, literature, and mathematics, achieving a doctoral degree. Subsequently, he worked as editor of science and non-fiction publications. His monograph Kafka's Erotic Myth was published in 1987. After Stach discovered the bequest of Felice Bauer in the US, he organised the 1999 exhibition "Kafkas Braut" (Frankfurt, Vienna, Prague). Between 2002 and 2014, the individual volumes of the highly praised three-part Kafka biography were published. Reiner Stach was awarded the special award of the Heimito von Doderer Literature Prize in 2008. In 2016, he received the Joseph Breitbach Prize for his outstanding oeuvre in the field of literary biographic.

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Reiner Stach
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Die Kafka-Biographie in drei Bänden
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