Franz Friedrich

Die Meisen von Uusimaa singen nicht mehr

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ISBN 978-3-10-002232-5


In his debut novel, Franz Friedrich explores far-away islands, love, and the search for a way to live in our time.

On the island of Uusimaa, a documentary filmmaker is making her only nature film. In Berlin, in the hottest February on record, an American student discovers a mysterious choir group. In Brussels, a young documentary filmmaker leaves his wife and child. Franz Friedrich takes us to a lonely cabin in the woods, onto a Finnish icebreaker, and into a plane about to crash. And suddenly, after two decades of inexplicable muteness, the sparrows on the island of Uusimaa start to sing again. The contours of a future bleed through, and the rifts of our time become visible. This debut novel gently lays a new reality over our apparently inexorable present.

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Franz Friedrich
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Die Meisen von Uusimaa singen nicht mehr

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