Ute Frevert

Die Politik der Demütigung

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ISBN 978-3-10-397222-1


The dark side of modernity – humiliation as an instrument of power

There is probably no society that abstains from humiliating people – whether in the raising of children, in criminal law or in diplomatic relations. For example, France 1944, women who had relations with German occupying forces had their hair shaven off. Recently, judges in the US punished citizens, forcing them to proclaim their offence by holding a sign on a busy road. Not least thanks to being pilloried by the media and the Internet, public shaming has become omnipresent. In a brilliant walk through 250 years of history, the well-known historian Ute Frevert demonstrates how humiliations were staged and still are today, and shows: Modernity has not got rid of the pillory, but simply reinvented it. It is not the state doing the humiliating, but society.

About Ute Frevert

Ute Frevert, born in 1954, is considered one of Germany’s most important historians. She teaches Modern History in Berlin, Konstanz and Bielefeld. She was a Professor at Yale University from 2003 to 2007, since 2008 she is heading up the research department ‘History of Emotions’ at the Max-Planck Institut für Bildungsforschung in Berlin. She was awarded the renowned Leibniz Prize in 1998 by the DFG and in 2016 received The Order of Merit First Class.

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Ute Frevert
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Die Politik der Demütigung
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