Annette Kolb

Die Romane

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ISBN 978-3-596-90662-8


Vintage women’s literature and bold portraits of Europe before the First World War

The highlight of Annette Kolb’s works are her three novels: The Specimen (1913), Daphne Herbst (1928) and The Swing (1934). We follow Mariclée on her discovery tour around London (The Specimen), witness the return of the Herbst family to Munich society (Daphne Herbst) and discover the author’s autobiographic childhood memories in Munich (The Swing). City- and landscapes as well as the passionate character portrayals are as vibrant today as they were back then. Annette Kolb uses highly poetic prose with an extraordinary sense of the spirit of the time.

About Annette Kolb

Annette Kolb, the daughter of a highly respected landscape architect and a French pianist, was born in 1870. Settled in Badenweiler from 1923, the passionate traveller emigrated to Paris in 1933, escaping to New York in 1941. She spent the last years of her life in Munich, where she died 1967. She was awarded the Fontane Prize, the Gerhart Hauptmann Prize, the Goethe Prize, and was a member of the Order Pour le Mérite. Following her literary debut, Kurze Aufsätze (1899), she published biographies of Mozart, Schubert, Briand, King Louis II of Bavaria, and the novels Das Exemplar (1913), Daphne Herbst (1928) and Die Schaukel (The Swing, 1934).

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Die Romane
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