Marlene Streeruwitz

Die Schmerzmacherin.

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ISBN 978-3-10-074437-1


Amy Schreiber wants to put her life together as best one can nowadays. She leaves her birth family behind her, on which she could never count anyway, and wants to stop invoking the antiquated fame of her great-great-grandfather, which has always only restricted them all. She hopes a modern training course will help her to independence and an interesting job in the expanding security industry: international connections with mysterious commissions, an exciting life. Everything goes according to plan.
But brutal entanglements of fate destroy the basis of her life: amnesia, a severe accident for her partner Gino, a miscarriage. Family blows make matters worse: her beloved foster mother falls ill and her great-aunt in London starts making demands. Amy Schreiber has to liberate herself from the grip of the past and needs to find out whether these catastrophes are her fate or the instruments of other people to force her into obedience.

About Marlene Streeruwitz

Marlene Streeruwitz, born in Baden near Vienna, studied Slavic Languages and Literature and History of Art and then began a career as author and director for the stage and for radio. She has received numerous awards for her novels, most recently the Bremen Literature Prize and the Franz Nabl Prize. Her novel “Die Schmerzmacherin.“ was shortlisted for the 2011 German Book Prize. Her latest publications include the novel “Yseut.“ and lectures on “Das Wundersame in der Unwirtlichkeit“.

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Marlene Streeruwitz
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Die Schmerzmacherin.
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