Roland Schimmelpfennig

Die Sprache des Regens

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ISBN 978-3-10-397321-1


What will become of our dreams? A novel about love and protest

A city made of iron and steel, of pipes, corridors and stairs, which is drifting out to sea. A boy who fights his way across the wild steppe for days on end. The heat, the rain. The ghost of an old man. A woman who is arrested at home and repeatedly tells the story of a king: how he roamed through forests and deserts to forget his love, and how on his travels, he learnt the language of the stars and the rain. In his second novel, Roland Schimmelpfennig takes all the liberties of narration and sweeps us off to a world of superstition, hope and impenetrable bureaucracy. As the stones were once liquid fire, so the people in this novel are full of longing and anger.

About Roland Schimmelpfennig

Roland Schimmelpfennig, born in 1967, is Germany’s most-performed contemporary dramatist. He worked as a journalist in Istanbul, going on to study directing. His first position as a director was at the Munich Kammerspiele. He has been working as a freelance writer since 1996. Schimmelpfennig’s plays have been staged in more than 40 countries, to great success. Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag has published ten years of his dramatic work in the volume Die Frau von früher and Trilogie der Tiere. His first novel An einem klaren, eiskalten Januarmorgen zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts, published in 2016, was on the shortlist for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize.

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Roland Schimmelpfennig
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Die Sprache des Regens
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