Dieter Forte

Als der Himmel noch nicht benannt war

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ISBN 978-3-10-397220-7


“Our words make our reality.“
A writer walks through an old library. He wants to know more about the beginnings of humanity, about how humans entered the world and time. What path led them from early cave paintings to the first written characters? When did stories first appear, when did they become memories, and those memories become past? What did the first cities look like, such as 5,000-year-old Uruk where there were libraries of clay tablets?
Dieter Forte’s book is the endpoint of a long journey of thinking about humans. Where do they come from? What is their essence? What can they truly know about the world? This is a moving invocation of language, our greatest achievement. When we lose language, we lose the world.

About Dieter Forte

Dieter Forte, born in 1935 in Düsseldorf, died in Basel in 2019. His highly acclaimed novels “Das Muster“, “Tagundnachtgleiche“ (initially “Der Junge mit den blutigen Schuhen“), “In der Erinnerung“ und “Auf der anderen Seite der Welt“ together make up the “Tetralogie der Erinnerung“. As a playwright, Forte achieved worldwide success with “Luther, Munzer and the Bookkeepers of the Reformation“; this was followed by further plays, successes on television and award-winning radio plays. His most recent publication is “Das Labyrinth der Welt. Ein Buch.“ Information about his oeuvre can be found in the compendium “Es ist schon ein eigenartiges Schreiben...“, published by Jürgen Hosemann.

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Dieter Forte
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Als der Himmel noch nicht benannt war
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