Thomas Mann + Katia Mann + Erika Mann + Klaus Mann + Golo Mann + Monika Mann + Elisabeth Mann Borgese Herausgegeben von: Kerstin Klein + Tilmann Lahme + Holger Pils

Die Briefe der Manns

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ISBN 978-3-10-002284-4


Following his family biography Die Manns: Geschichte einer Familie, Tilmann Lahme, together with Holger Pils and Kerstin Klein, now presents a selection of family letters. In these largely unknown letters, the individual personalities of the Mann family appear with unusual clarity, and their authentic, refreshing tone paints a striking family portrait. Each letter is thoughtfully placed in context, and a large number of photographs round out the volume.
This volume contains approx. 200 letters exchanged between Thomas and Katia Mann and their six children (Erika, Klaus, Golo, Monika, Elisabeth, and Michael). It provides much of the original source material for Tilmann Lahme’s in-depth family biography; Tilmann Lahme himself has co-edited the collection. More than half of the letters have never before been published or are not widely known; even in Lahme’s family biography they are only quoted in excerpts. All available Mann family letters (approx. 2000) were examined when putting together this volume.

About Thomas Mann + Katia Mann + Erika Mann + Klaus Mann + Golo Mann + Monika Mann + Elisabeth Mann Borgese

Thomas Mann
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Katia Mann
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Erika Mann
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Klaus Mann
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Golo Mann (1909 - 1994) was one of the most important German historians. With his historical works and his autobiography he reached a large readership.

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Golo Mann
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Tilmann Lahme reported on culture for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung before becoming an administrative professor at the University of Lüneburg in 2014. With his numerous works of scholarship on the Mann family and the publication of a critically acclaimed biography of Golo Mann, he himself has laid the groundwork for his monumental biography of the Mann family.

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Tilmann Lahme
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Die Briefe der Manns
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