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ISBN 978-3-10-402997-9


• For all North Sea fans: a chilling new Sylt crime novel
• Winterberg, Blanck and Kreuzer’s fifth case

Old Klaas Menken can’t believe his eyes: the young woman riding a white horse on that empty beach looks exactly like his dead sister – but how? Not long after, he is dead. Murdered? Then the corpse of a woman wearing a wedding dress is found on the sands. Are the two deaths connected? And do they have something to do with the satanic sect celebrating their black mass on the beach? A chilling case for detectives Winterberg, Blanck and Kreuzer.

About Eva Ehley

Eva Ehley’s Sylt-fever goes back, if not to her birth and childhood in Berlin, at least to her wedding. Since then she and her husband and sons have spent many summers on the island together and have watched the antics of the rich and beautiful there. Eva Ehley kept her silence for a long time, but eventually her criminological creativity won out. Since then she has been a regular instigator of murder on the island – if only on paper. She has twice been nominated for the Agatha-Christie-Prize for Crime Fiction, in 2012 and 2013.

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Eva Ehley
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