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Jette oder nie!

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FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendbuch E-Books
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ISBN 978-3-7336-0166-9
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Jette is happy: Now that Papa spends lots of time with his new girlfriend Bara, he doesn’t have the time to keep such a close eye on Jette. But then an annoying girl with braids suddenly shows up in her dad’s café: Maja. She turns out to be Bara’s daughter, and now everybody seems to think the two of them should be like sisters. What?! Who needs something like that? Then, to top it all, Jette’s beloved house rat Mr. Man disappears…

A great read, well-rounded like Mr. Man’s big belly!

About Fee Krämer

Fee Krämer, born in Heidelberg in 1984, approached children’s books from many different angles before writing her first book Jette Will Do It!. She thinks that parents and children should all have enough time to themselves. Today, Fee Krämer lives in Berlin – but without a rat, unfortunately.

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Jette oder nie!
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