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Max Murks - Schwimmkurs mit Hai

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5514-8
8 years up


Everyone knows about imaginary friends. But what about an imaginary enemy? No one is like Holger: an invisible shark that loves wellness – and liquorice. Holger also has an unbelievably high opinion of himself. However, now he has come to Max because he needs his help: he wants to be transported to the ocean, right now! Max who really feels more at home in the stories he invents than in a real-life adventure knows that you can only get rid of your imaginary enemy if you fulfil his dearest wish. And so he finds himself in a situation he has never been good at: he has to ask others for help. And in the end, Max finds something else in return: a true friend.
A book to give courage to boys who prefer dreaming of adventures to experiencing them!

About Fee Krämer

Fee Krämer, born in Heidelberg in 1984, approached children’s books from many different angles before writing her first book Jette Will Do It!. She thinks that parents and children should all have enough time to themselves. Today, Fee Krämer lives in Berlin – but without a rat, unfortunately.

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Fee Krämer
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Max Murks - Schwimmkurs mit Hai
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