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ISBN 978-3-10-032457-3


A wild post-Soviet ride from coast to coast: the truth about America

Felicitas Hoppe – winner of Germany’s most prestigious literary award, the Büchner Prize – takes us on an expedition to an unknown America, travelling ten thousand amusing and poetic miles from Boston to San Francisco to Los Angeles and back to New York. Wide awake and clear of sight, Hoppe is a literary whirlwind in the footsteps of Ilf and Petrov, two Russian writers who travelled the same route eighty years before her, becoming cult figures. Whether she’s inspecting the Ford factory and the first electric chair along with them, painting Tom Sawyer’s fence by the by, vanishing in a tornado or meeting Quentin Tarantino in the eye of the storm – Pravda (Russian for truth) shows readers things never before been written about the most incredible country on earth: a literary world discovery.

About Felicitas Hoppe

Felicitas Hoppe, born in 1960, lives in Berlin. Her debut novel Picknick der Friseure appeared in 1996, her second novel Pigafetta was published in 1999 after a round-the-world trip on a cargo ship, followed in 2003 by Paradiese, Übersee, 2004 by Verbrecher und Versager, 2006 by Johanna, 2008 by Iwein Löwenritter, 2009 by Sieben Schätze and the stories Der beste Platz der Welt, 2010 by Abenteuer – was ist das?, 2011 by Grünes Ei mit Speck, a translation of texts by the American children’s book author Dr. Seuss, and 2012 by the novel Hoppe.

Felicitas Hoppe has received numerous awards, including the Aspekte Prize for Literature, the Bremen Prize for Literature, the Bad Gandersheim Roswitha Prize, the Rattenfänger Prize for Literature, the Georg Büchner Prize and most recently the Erich Kästner Prize for Literature. She has also held lecturing posts in Wiesbaden, Mainz, Augsburg, Göttingen, Dartmouth College in Hannover, New Hampshire, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., Hamburg, Heidelberg and Cologne.

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Felicitas Hoppe
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