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Allein unter Dieben – Meine verrückte Verbrecherfamilie und ich

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ISBN 978-3-7373-5143-0
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Meet the notorious Cheesybeer Clan!
Edward Cheesybeer is 13 years old and a master thief. At least that’s what his crazy family of criminals believes. In fact, Edward has different plans: he wants to lead a decent life. What a catastrophe! The rest of the Cheesybeer Clan is not amused. But Edward has only just taken on his first decent job when his evil boss starts blackmailing him: he wants to force Edward to steal a giant diamond for him! But after a turbulent showdown, it is the blackmailer who ends up behind bars…
A wonderfully crazy family story teeming with bizarre characters and laugh-out-loud moments: The Cheesybeer Clan is definitely the funniest family of criminals the world has ever seen!

About Frank Schmeißer

Frank Schmeißer lives in Cologne. He became famous for his contributions to numerous popular German TV comedies and has been writing children’s books for several years now – with great success.

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Frank Schmeißer
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Allein unter Dieben – Meine verrückte Verbrecherfamilie und ich

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