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Allein unter Dieben – Wer nicht klaut, bleibt dumm

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5353-3
10 years up


Thirteen-year-old Edward Käsebier still wants to become an honest boy – but his crazy criminal family is already planning their next big coup, a gigantic art robbery in the middle of New York City! For there live the relatives of the Käsebiers who are just as criminally gifted: the Cheesebeers. This can only go wrong, Edward believes. But how wrong it would all go, knocks even his shoes off!

The funniest criminal family in the world is back – and causes chaos in the Big Apple! A marvellously crazy reading adventure for little and big friends of crooks!

About Frank Schmeißer

Frank Schmeißer lives in Cologne. He became famous for his contributions to numerous popular German TV comedies and has been writing children’s books for several years now – with great success.

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Frank Schmeißer
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Allein unter Dieben – Wer nicht klaut, bleibt dumm
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