Marie Reiners

Frauen, die Bärbel heißen

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ISBN 978-3-651-02523-3


Bärbel Böttcher /54/Taxidermist/single/orphaned/no children/dog owner
… wants peace and quiet
… but finds herself in trouble ...

As I went for a walk with my dog Frieda, the perfect stick suddenly lay before us. When I say lay, that’s actually not quite correct. It was sticking out. Out of a dead man’s left eye. My first impulse was to pull the stick out and throw it. But after giving it a bit of thought, I realised that others might consider this sort of behaviour a bit strange. And so despite Frieda’s enthusiastic tail wagging and my own reluctance, I picked up the phone instead of the stick and called the police. After two hours down the station, I was allowed to leave. On the way home, all I wanted to do was buy some beef tartar and settle down in front of the television with a small meal and a glass of milk. I had informed the authorities and nobody would take any further interest in me. I was mistaken.

About Marie Reiners

Marie Reiners started writing for television during her student days. She developed sitcoms and conceived the crime series Mord mit Aussicht, which received numerous awards and was the most watched German television series in 2014. Frauen, die Bärbel heißen is her first novel.

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Marie Reiners
Foto: Gaby Gerster 2017
Frauen, die Bärbel heißen
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