Kathrin Schrocke

Freak City

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6171-2
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Freak City

What does love sound like?

Lea is good-looking and lively - and has been deaf since birth. The first time Mika lays eyes on her, the vivacious girl with her curly shock of hair puts a spell on him. So much so that he decides to attend a course for sign language. His family and friends are sceptical, and he soon comes to share their misgivings. The world of deaf people is so very different from his own. Then there is Sandra, Mike’s ex-girlfriend - he’s never quite got over the separation. But by now Lea’s already made her way into his heart...

With lots of droll humour and warm sympathy, Kathrin Schrocke tells the story of a love that is special and extraordinary.

About Kathrin Schrocke

Kathrin Schrocke studied German and psychology. She lives in Augsburg and is the author of numerous stories and plays, as well as novels for children and young adults.

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Kathrin Schrocke
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Freak City

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