Frido Mann

Das Weiße Haus des Exils

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ISBN 978-3-10-397404-1


A political place of exile – then and now: the ‘Thomas Mann House’ in Pacific Palisades

Thomas Mann moved into his new house in Pa- cific Palisades in 1942. It was a refugium for the writer, an exile meeting place and a place of refuge for his grandchild. In March 2018, Frido Mann sets off on the vestiges of his memories, shortly before the house was to be opened as a centre of transatlantic dialogue by the Federal Government. Frido Mann recalls the politi-cal commitment of the man in exile and finds himself confronted with the question what effect open dialogue can still develop today – in Trump’s America. His essay is a radical plea for responsibility and understanding in a time of global crisis.

About Frido Mann

Frido Mann, born in 1940 in Monterey, California, studied Music, Catholic Theology, and Psychology before working as a clinical psychologist. He now lives and writes in Munich.

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Frido Mann
Foto: Thomas Elsner
Das Weiße Haus des Exils

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