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ISBN 978-3-7373-5389-2
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Luna-Lila is the very best friend Wilma could have wished for: Luna-Lila has tons of crazy ideas, is not afraid of anything and is – despite her allergy to pink – a true princess. The absolute best about Luna- Lila is: She lives in Wilma’s room! That no one except Wilma can see her, well … that’s actually not a bad thing sometimes. Together, Wilma and Luna-Lila will show the mean class bullies Ulli and Olli who is in charge here at school. Anu and Friedbert Stohner wrote this children’s book which all little girls will love: cheeky, loveable and so funny it will make you smile and giggle!

About Anu Stohner + Friedbert Stohner

Anu Stohner was born in 1952 in Helsinki, Finland and she now lives together with her husband Friedbert Stohner in Altlußheim/ Rhine. She is a highly awarded translator for Finnish, Swedish and English languages.

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Friedbert Stohner is an expert on German children’s fiction and worked in managing positions with several German children’s book publishers.

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