Fritz Breithaupt

Der Ich-Effekt des Geldes

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ISBN 978-3-596-18059-2


On precise consideration, ‘ego’ and ‘money’ are mysterious phenomena. Both terms define something instable and fleeting. To overcome this weakness, the two have entered into a symbiosis. Yet this has to be denied in order for the ego to maintain the appearance of autonomy and money to preserve its objectivity. This is Fritz Breithaupt’s original thesis, throwing a new and surprising light on the modern world and the dictates of individualisation. The idea unfolds in a book with great lightness of touch, taking the reader through numerous examples from literature, philosophy, economic and cultural history from 1770 to the present day.

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Fritz Breithaupt, born in 1967, teaches German and comparative literature at Indiana University in Bloomington (USA). His publications include the monograph Jenseits der Bilder. Goethes Politik der Wahrnehmung and numerous articles on literature from the eighteenth century onwards, the history of psychology, and recently also empathy. He is the founding director of an EU Centre of Excellence at Indiana University and a columnist for the magazine ZEIT Campus.

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Fritz Breithaupt
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Der Ich-Effekt des Geldes
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