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Die Zeit, das Schweigen und die Toten

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ISBN 978-3-596-19006-5


With his poetic autobiography Orkus, Gerhard Roth ends his novel cycle of the same name in spring 2011. Together with the cycle Die Archive des Schweigens completed in 1991, this closes a 32-year work of research, writing and recollection.
This volume of material documents a unique project in European literature: in original articles, reviews, photographs and a long interview with Gerhard Roth.
A traveller’s guide to the cosmos that is Gerhard Roth.

About Gerhard Roth

Gerhard Roth was born in Graz in 1942 and now lives in Vienna and in Southern Steiermark. He has published numerous novels, short stories, essays, and plays, such as “Die Archive des Schweigens“ (in seven volumes, completed in 1991) and the “Orkus“ cycle, completed in 2011. Gerhard Roth’s oeuvre has been awarded many literature prizes, including the Grand Austrian State Prize in 2016. After “Die Irrfahrt des Michael Aldrian“, “Hell Is Empty, the Devils Are All Here“ is his second novel set in Venice – a city with which Roth has had a decade-long love affair.

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Gerhard Roth
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Die Zeit, das Schweigen und die Toten
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