Gisela Graichen + Matthias Gretzschel

Die Prussen

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ISBN 978-3-502-15172-2


The were the last of Europe’s heathens: for centuries the Baltic Prussians, who settled the former East Prussian territory, defended their religion and culture until it had to give way to the militarily superior Teutonic Order. They were vanquished but the victors adopted their name, going down in history as the Prussians – a unique historical case. The filmmaker and bestselling writer Gisela Graichen and the journalist and non-fiction author Matthias Gretzschel tell the fascinating but near forgotten story of the Baltic Prussians.

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Gisela Graichen studied journalism, law and political science. She has won numerous honours, including the German Prize for Historical Preservation, the Bavarian Television Prize and the Federal Cross of Merit.

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Matthias Gretzschel, born near Dresden in 1957, trained as a bookseller before studying Protestant theology in Leipzig. He completed his PhD on Christian archaeology and sacral art in 1988. He has been the culture editor for the Hamburger Abendblatt since 1990 and has written numerous books on cultural history and other subjects.

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Matthias Gretzschel
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Die Prussen
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