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Golo Mann was a very accomplished storyteller, as his History of Germany, his Wallenstein biography and his autobiography show. But it is in his shorter texts that the excellent stylist came to the forefront. This volume collects writing from all his creative periods, concentrating on the areas central to Golo Mann himself: the family, literature and contemporary history. His short stories are published here for the first time, including the historical story ‘Lavalette’ and a novella that he wrote at the age of 18, a barely concealed lament at being the son of Thomas Mann. Golo Mann’s most important essays on his famous family, to which his relationship was both close and distanced, are compiled here, alongside texts on politics and contemporary history including portraits of John F. Kennedy, Willy Brandt and Charles de Gaulle, and newly discovered addresses to listeners in Germany that Mann wrote for American radio in 1944–1945.

Golo Mann (1909-1994) is one of the most important German historians of the twentieth century. His historical works and autobiography introduced him to a large readership outside of academic circles.

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Golo Mann (1909 - 1994) was one of the most important German historians. With his historical works and his autobiography he reached a large readership.

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Golo Mann
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Tilmann Lahme reported on culture for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung before becoming an administrative professor at the University of Lüneburg in 2014. With his numerous works of scholarship on the Mann family and the publication of a critically acclaimed biography of Golo Mann, he himself has laid the groundwork for his monumental biography of the Mann family.

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