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»Oma!«, schreit der Frieder

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FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendtaschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-7335-0214-0
6 years up


They have been an invincible team for generations: Frieder and his Grandma who always shows interest in the child and joins him in whatever nonsense. She transports the Schnitzel at lunch with a toy digger, or relocates the planned picnic to the tram shelter because it is raining. Funny and imaginative stories of everyday life with Grandma and Frieder whom so many readers, little and tall, have fallen in love with.

About Gudrun Mebs

Gudrun Mebs has written children’s books for years. Her books have decisively influenced new German children’s literature. She has been honoured many times for her stories, including winning the German Youth Literature Prize for “Sunday’s Child”.

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Gudrun Mebs
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»Oma!«, schreit der Frieder
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