Güner Yasemin Balci


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ISBN 978-3-596-18623-5


Mariam leads a double life: at home the obedient daughter of a Kurdish family, in the outside world the confident ‘ArabQueen’, going out dancing with her German friend Lena and meeting up with boys, all the while concealing her other life from her family. When her father tells her her cousin Walid is on his way to Germany to marry her, Mariam knows she has to make a decision – a decision that threatens to tear her in two.
The journalist Güner Balci presents Mariam’s story, an oppressive example of what it means to live in two incompatible worlds – bitter reality for many young Muslim women in Germany – and the price of freedom.

About Güner Yasemin Balci

Güner Yasemin Balci was born and raised in Berlin-Neukölln. She studied pedagogy and literature and has worked (among other places) at a girls’ space in Neukölln with young adults from Turkish and Arab families. She was an editor at the ZDF and today works as a freelance author and television journalist. Her books ArabQueen oder der Geschmack der Freiheit, Arabboy: Eine Jugend in Deutschland oder Das kurze Leben des Rashid A and Aliyas Flucht: oder Die gefährliche Reise have also been successful on stage and in film.

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Güner Yasemin Balci
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