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ISBN 978-3-10-000156-6


East Germany, 1982: In East Berlin, in Leipzig, and in Dresden too there is a generation – dressed in Jeans and parkas – who are restive. Among them is seventeen-year-old student Stefan Berg, who writes a letter to prominent author Günter de Bruyn, thanking him for a brave speech to the Pacifist movement. From this one letter blooms a friendship in many more, discussing literature and politics, but most of all one central subject: the life of the young Stefan Berg, drafted as a “construction soldier”, into the East German Army, tasked with labour instead of combat. A unique set of documents that make the desire for freedom – mere years before the fall of the Berlin Wall – tangible to readers of today.

About Stefan Berg + Günter de Bruyn

Stefan Berg was born in East Berlin in 1964. After graduating in 1982, he was drafted as a “construction soldier”. Since 1986, he has worked as editor for various church newspapers, moving to the Deutsches Allgemeines Sonntagsblatt in 1991. From 1996 on, he has been writing for the magazine Der Spiegel. His story Zitterpartie was published in 2011 (Edition Chrismon/Suhrkamp).

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Stefan Berg
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Günter de Bruyn was born on November 1, 1926 in Berlin, and now lives in Görsdorf bei Beeskow, where he works as a free-lance writer. He has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Heinrich Böll Prize, the Thomas Mann Prize, the Prize of the German National Foundation, the Eichendorff Literary Prize and the Johann Heinrich Merck Prize. Among his most significant works are the two cultural-historical essays Als Poesie gut and Die Zeit der schweren Not, the autobiographical volumes Zwischenbilanz and Vierzig Jahre, as well as the novels Buridans Esel and Neue Herrlichkeit.

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Günter de Bruyn
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