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Das Apfelwunder

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ISBN: 978-3-7373-5380-9


10 Pages, Pappebuch
publishing house:
FISCHER Sauerländer
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-7373-5380-9
3 years up


A small, astonishing book about the miracles of nature

In winter, the tree is still bare, then, very gently, delicate buds and blossoms appear in spring. A small green fruit finally grows into a firm, red, shiny apple. This miracle of nature is captured in the magical book by Andreas Német and Hans-Christian Schmidt, two artists using images and words. A work of art made of paper which will fascinate all readers.

About Hans-Christian Schmidt

Hans-Christian Schmidt and Andreas Német were both born in 1973 and are both fathers of two sons. Moreover, they write and draw books and write songs for children. They have been publishing books in many different publishing houses for years now and travel all over Germany with their own band.

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Hans-Christian Schmidt
Foto: Jörg Tröger

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Das Apfelwunder
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