Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle

Frag Mutti

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ISBN 978-3-10-490987-5


At some point it happens to everyone: you leave “Hotel Mom” and the trials of everyday life confront you. Washing, cleaning, cooking –in the magic land of Mom all the things used to sound like a distant threat, and now you have to cope with them all by yourself. Two bachelors who have learned the hard way offer valuable tips and tricks for mastering your first clash with everyday chores. Everything is guaranteed tested – and if you read carefully, soon you’ll be able to get by without calling Mom...

About Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle

Bernhard Finkbeiner, born in 1983, manages the household portal as well as the online advisory portal

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Bernhard Finkbeiner
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Hans-Jörg Brekle, born in 1976, works in a residential home for people with psychic illnesses and addiction issues in Ludwigsburg.

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Hans-Jörg Brekle
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Frag Mutti
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