Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle

Frag Mutti. Das Sparbuch

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ISBN 978-3-10-490986-8


This book is a compilation of the cleverest, most original and craziest tips from the websites Frag Vati and Frag Mutti. The authors also provide complete solutions, cheats and info boxes on all the key questions on saving 2.0. All the advice on subjects such as ‘Discount calculation 101’, ‘Is it worth playing the lottery?’, ‘The truth about outlet stores’, ‘The most lucrative student jobs’ and ‘The savings yoyo effect’.
All tips are tested and commented on by the incorruptible and merciless ‘jury’ of the users.

About Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle

Bernhard Finkbeiner, born in 1983, manages the household portal as well as the online advisory portal

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Bernhard Finkbeiner
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Hans-Jörg Brekle, born in 1976, works in a residential home for people with psychic illnesses and addiction issues in Ludwigsburg.

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Hans-Jörg Brekle
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Frag Mutti. Das Sparbuch
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