Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle

Frag Vati

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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-17474-4


Don’t want to get lost every time you enter a DIY store?. Don’t want to invent new knots every time you tie a tie? Want to get a word in edgeways at your next job interview? ...But you haven’t the slightest idea how? The successful duo Bernhard Finkbeiner and Hans-Jörg Brekle answer all your questions on DIY, cars and work – with tips and tricks only dad could ever tell you.

About Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle

Bernhard Finkbeiner, born in 1983, manages the household portal as well as the online advisory portal

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Bernhard Finkbeiner
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Hans-Jörg Brekle, born in 1976, works in a residential home for people with psychic illnesses and addiction issues in Ludwigsburg.

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Hans-Jörg Brekle
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Frag Vati




Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle
Frag Vati
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