Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle + Tabea Mußgnug

Frag Mutti - Das WG-Buch

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256 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
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ISBN 978-3-596-29951-5


Every year, large numbers of new students begin their university studies – most of them also face another big adventure: Life in a flat share. And there is no service centre you can call to ask questions like:
Which cleaning rotas are guaranteed to work?
How can I get rid of the annoying flat mate?
Which renovation tips do I need to know?
The only thing for it is ‘Ask Mum’: The best askmum-top-tips for all of those moving into a flat share for the first time.
With stories from life in a turbulent flat share, the best party recipes and a psychology test.

About Bernhard Finkbeiner + Hans-Jörg Brekle + Tabea Mußgnug

Bernhard Finkbeiner, born in 1983, manages the household portal as well as the online advisory portal

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Bernhard Finkbeiner
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Hans-Jörg Brekle, born in 1976, works in a residential home for people with psychic illnesses and addiction issues in Ludwigsburg.

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Hans-Jörg Brekle
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Tabea Mußgnug, born in 1987, studied art history, religion and Byzantine archaeology in Heidelberg. She works on her doctorate in art history.

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Tabea Mußgnug
Foto: Benjamin Bauer
Frag Mutti - Das WG-Buch


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