Harald Welzer

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Courageous, visionary, inspirational – and very concrete!

The future used to be better. But these days, nobody seems to believe that life will be better for our children than it has been for us. Does it really have to be like that?

It does not! Sociologist Harald Welzer, a seasoned architect of the future, designs a good, a possible future for us. It features cities without cars, schools without buildings, everyone receives a basic income, and there are no more borders. Welzer’s approach is encouraging and refreshing: the much lamented “lack of alternatives“ is really just a lack of imagination. Everything could indeed be different. All it takes is an idea of what that should look like. And then one has to implement it.

About Harald Welzer

At the latest since his bestseller “Selbst denken“, Harald Welzer is considered one of Germany’s most thought-provoking intellectuals. His initiative “Die offene Gesellschaft“ (“The Open Society“) is part of his intervention, by way of actions, concerts and performances, in political debates nationwide. As director of his foundation “Futurzwei“ (“Futuretwo“), he collects stories about better ways to live and a future that works. He also teaches transformation design at the universities of Flensburg and St. Gallen. S. Fischer most recently published his works “Die smarte Diktatur. Der Angriff auf unsere Freiheit“ as well as “Wir sind die Mehrheit“. His books have been published in 21 countries.

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Harald Welzer
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