Rüdiger Barth + Hauke Friederichs

Die Totengräber

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ISBN 978-3-10-490545-7


The last ten weeks of the Weimar Republic, told day by day – a history book that reads like a political thriller

The Weimar Republic is teetering. The economy is in ruins. Street battles rage between left- and rightwingers. In the next few weeks, a handful of men will decide Germany’s fate. Hitler is hungry for absolute power, and Goebbels spews fire and brimstone; Chancellor von Papen refuses to resign, while von Schleicher saws away at the branch the chancellor is sitting on. All of them are currying favour with Hindenburg. A dramatic struggle for power ensues, rife with feints, lies, fighting and deception.
The historians Rüdiger Barth and Hauke Friederichs have drawn on diaries, letters and files to paint a colourful, multilayered portrait of a period that seems eerily familiar but was by no means fated to plunge Germany into the abyss.

About Rüdiger Barth + Hauke Friederichs

Rüdiger Barth, born in 1972 in Saarbrücken, studied contemporary history and general rhetoric in Tübingen. He works as a freelance author in Hamburg.

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Rüdiger Barth
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Hauke Friederichs, born in 1980 in Hamburg, earned his PhD in economics and social history at the University of Hamburg. He writes for P.M.History, Die Zeit and Geo Epoche.

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Hauke Friederichs
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Die Totengräber
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