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Das ist auch euer Krieg!

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ISBN 978-3-596-18892-5


Our soldiers risk their lives on a day-to-day basis in Afghanistan and all around the world. Yet on their return, their experiences are often met with disinterest, incomprehension and sometimes even open rejection. Now at last they have a chance to speak, telling the former army doctor Heike Groos their stories. For the first time, direct and unfiltered, they report on what they can never forget: unforgettable images of war and life after deployment, where many of them feel lost and out of place.
Heike Groos experienced a suicide attack in Kabul in 2003, in which four German soldiers were killed. In her book Ein schöner Tag zum Sterben she was the first German soldier to describe the terrible effects of this event on her life. Her open and honest approach to her own trauma broke the silence among her fellow soldiers. She became a mouthpiece and a confidante for her comrades.

About Heike Groos

Heike Groos (1960 - 2017), signed up to the German army after studying medicine. She went on to work as an emergency doctor and general physician. She was recruited to the Bundeswehr again at the beginning of the Afghanistan deployment in 2001, spending a total of two years as a senior military doctor in Afghanistan.

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Heike Groos
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Das ist auch euer Krieg!
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