Heike Groos

Ein schöner Tag zum Sterben

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ISBN 978-3-596-18502-3


An explosion rends the shimmering air on Kabul’s Jalalabad Road. Then silence. For four young German men, the homeward journey has become a deathly trap. Heike Groos, a doctor for the German Bundeswehr in Afghanistan, is one of the first to treat the injured soldiers on the site of the suicide attack. Like Groos, these young men came to the country believing in the humanitarian character of their deployment. But what awaits the soldiers and the doctors is the ruthless reality of war. How can they deal with the shock, the fear, the hate, the images that remain when they have long since escaped from this hell?

About Heike Groos

Heike Groos (1960 - 2017), signed up to the German army after studying medicine. She went on to work as an emergency doctor and general physician. She was recruited to the Bundeswehr again at the beginning of the Afghanistan deployment in 2001, spending a total of two years as a senior military doctor in Afghanistan.

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Heike Groos
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Ein schöner Tag zum Sterben
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