Heinrich Breloer + Horst Königstein

Die Manns

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ISBN 978-3-596-15380-0


In December 2001 a TV-film in three parts was shown on German television on the life of the Mann-family. Its director Heinrich Breloer wrote a book accompanying the film. He spoke with altogether 60 persons, family members as well as friends of the family who told him their recollections in long interviews. Based on this authentic material Breoloer tells us scenes of the life of the famous writers` family thus creating a polyphonic family portrait. He is not aiming at a linear chronicle but rather elects singular episodes from the family history in which the characters of the individual persons are distinctively shown. Thus the lives of the two world-renowned writers Thomas and Heinrich Mann are described as a sequence of personal experiences, great ideas and small passions, of political necessities and sensual seductions. The volume is illustrated with numerous pictures taken from the TV-filmA second volume Unterwegs zur Familie Mann (On the way to the Mann-family. Encounters. Conversations. Interviews) containing a selection of these interviews was published simultaneously. These interviews tell about encounters and experiences with the Mann family.

About Heinrich Breloer + Horst Königstein

Heinrich Breloer (born in 1942) studied literature and philosophy in Bonn and Hamburg. The filmmaker and author lives in Cologne and has made over 30 documentaries, including Das Beil von Wandsbek, Treffpunkt im Unendlichen, Todesspiel and Speer und Hitler: the Devil’s Architect. Awarded the Grimme Prize for television several times, his greatest success was the docudrama Die Manns, starring Armin Mueller-Stahl as Thomas Mann. Buddenbrooks is Heinrich Breloer’s first feature film.

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Heinrich Breloer
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Die Manns
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