Heinrich Breloer

Thomas Manns "Buddenbrooks"

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ISBN 978-3-10-005234-6


This ‘making-of’ of Heinrich Breloer’s new adaptation of Buddenbrooks gives readers an exclusive peek behind the scenes, not only enriching their experience of the film itself but also showing just how contemporary Thomas Mann’s novel is today. The photographer Stefan Falke’s impressive pictures create a fascinating album, narrating the film’s plot in book form, portraying individual characters and the overall production of the film, and documenting the attention to detail and opulent props and sets. The book presents a vivid impression of the work of the crew’s many outstanding members such as Gernot Roll (camera), Götz Weidner (props) and Barbara Baum (costumes).

About Heinrich Breloer

Heinrich Breloer (born in 1942) studied literature and philosophy in Bonn and Hamburg. The filmmaker and author lives in Cologne and has made over 30 documentaries, including Das Beil von Wandsbek, Treffpunkt im Unendlichen, Todesspiel and Speer und Hitler: the Devil’s Architect. Awarded the Grimme Prize for television several times, his greatest success was the docudrama Die Manns, starring Armin Mueller-Stahl as Thomas Mann. Buddenbrooks is Heinrich Breloer’s first feature film.

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Heinrich Breloer
Foto: Detlef Overmann für Warner Bros.
Thomas Manns "Buddenbrooks"


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