Heinrich Detering

Thomas Manns amerikanische Religion

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ISBN 978-3-10-014204-7


Heinrich Detering’s book uncovers and explores a blank patch on the map of Thomas Mann’s life and work.
This book tells the story of Thomas Mann’s previously unknown connection to the Unitarian church in California – a story that deals with the relationship between politics and religion, public engagement and the role of literature. "Seldom, if ever, have I taken such a lively and militant interest in a religious group," writes Thomas Mann in 1951. Heinrich Detering’s book is packed with discoveries, and goes right to the heart of Thomas Mann's thought and writing in exile. It also features an essay by Frido Mann.

About Heinrich Detering

Heinrich Detering is a Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Göttingen University, and President of the German Academy for Language and Literature. He has published widely on Thomas Mann, and his books include “Jews, Women and Literature”, on Mann’s early work. He is joint editor of the “Annotated Frankfurt Edition” of Thomas Mann’s works.

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Heinrich Detering
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Thomas Manns amerikanische Religion
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