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Heinrich Mann’s first novel about the Weimar Republic

A young servant girl finds herself in Berlin, where she abandons her child. Many years later, she has since become a wealthy baroness through adventurous means, she believes she recognises young Valentin to be the son she abandoned. ‘Mother Mary’ is Heinrich Mann’s first novel about the Weimar Republic. Beginning with the main character’s moral dilemma and crisis, the novel tells of the depression of the 1920s and unfurls the panorama of an entire era.

An additional volume of the study edition: with an afterword and extensive supplementary material.
Three further volumes of the study edition are planned till 2020: Lidice, Eugénie oder Die Bürgerzeit and Die traurige Geschichte von Friedrich dem Großen.

About Heinrich Mann

Heinrich Mann was born in Lübeck in 1871. After dropping out of school, he trained briefly in the publishing trade, and subsequently wrote novels, short stories, essays, and plays. In 1933, he emigrated to France and later to the US. He was appointed head of the newly formed Academy of the Arts in East Berlin in 1949, but died in Santa Monica, California in 1950 before he could take up the position.

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Heinrich Mann
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